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Swimming flip flops

You won’t find a more complete range of swimming flip flops than the adidas one. Whether you prefer a discreet style with flip flops designed in a single colour or like to make a statement with colourful combinations and designs, you’ll be able to choose the pair that best fits your personality, mood and the rest of your swimming gear. One of the best things about swimming flip flops is that they can be very easily slipped on and off, but they are also lightweight which means you won’t have to uselessly tire your legs by carrying an extra load.

All about comfort

The collection of swimming flip flops by adidas offers all the comfort you need following a session of exercise at the pool. An EVA textured outsole provides extra grip and greatly reduces the likelihood of slipping on wet surfaces. A midsole with extra cushioning ensures every step is soft and comfortable, while styles with small, in-built beads are a treat that will keep your feet massaged continuously on the go. The two thin strap bands featured in the design allow your foot a large range of free movement while still providing security and support with every step you take.

Let’s get personal

Finding the right pair of swimming flip flops doesn’t stop at choosing your favourite colour combination or the style that offers the best features for you. With adidas, you’ll be able to add your personal touch to ensure the flip flops of your choice really speak your name. The free personalisation service is available with a select number of styles and gives you the possibility of adding your name to the flip flops’ upper straps, but you could also choose another short word, expression or number, or maybe even your favourite team’s name.