Girls Swimming Shoes


Girls' swimming shoes

Swimming shoes are an essential element for your trip to the swimming pool, as they help avoid slipping on wet surfaces, therefore keeping everyone safe. The adidas collection of girls' swimming shoes includes sandals that can be worn both inside and outside the swimming pool to increase grip and give more confidence. Alternatively, you might prefer going for slides that can be worn to walk around the pool and when going for a shower after swimming training. Girls swimming shoes are available in a variety of colours and designs, including the popular pink colour that kids love, as well as the classic adidas 3-Stripes design.

Adequate support with every step

Girls' swimming shoes from adidas have been equipped with a number of technologies to ensure adequate support and safety every step of the way. An EVA outsole is made of rubber, which prevents slipping and is also soft and flexible, adapting to every movement for added comfort. Footbeds may be contoured to keep the foot from slipping outside the shoe, and they can be made using a material that is as soft as a pillow. Sandals have also been designed in such a way to enable quick water drainage and drying, while an adjustable ankle strap and forefoot strap are excellent for adjusting the sandals to growing feet.

Swimming shoes for every occasion

Whether you’re after girls' swimming shoes that can be worn inside the water or just slippers to wear when walking around the swimming pool or at the beach, you will find shoes that are adequate for every situation. Slippers are perfect if you just want something that is easy to take on and off, while sandals with straps will keep the foot secure and protected from slippery surfaces and can be adjusted to the foot’s size to ensure a perfect fit.