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It all starts with creativity, and creativity begins with a blank canvas. adicolor has always been a canvas for self-expression, and a true representation of the 3-Stripes spirit. adidas adicolor’s first product, a pair of all-white sneakers, were the first embodiment of this spirit, as they gave everyone the power to create something that’s truly their own. From our disruptive fashion statements of the 80’s, to the modern interpretations of today, and as one of our most loved adidas Originals lines, adicolor is forever redefining what’s possible.


adicolor’s diverse range of products from adidas tracksuits, trefoil tees, backpacks, tops, caps, hoodies, pants, jackets and everything in-between means there’s always something just right for every moment. Dress brightly in bold colours when you want to make an impact, neons when you want to light up the night, or soft tones when you just want to take it easy. Choose yellows that reflect your sunny disposition, or maybe reds to trigger the fire within. Don’t forget light blues when you just want to chill out, and of course the iconic blacks and whites to adding a finishing touch to any look. Experiment and mix-and-match different colours to find your new favourite. Colour yourself from head to toe in your favourite adidas adicolor tracksuit sets, or try something new to take things to the next level.


Trends come and go but some things are truly timeless. adicolor has been at the forefront of street fashion, all the way from the grimy backstreets of the 80’s New York hip-hop scene, to rooftops and city streets across the globe, right here today. Versatile and perfect for your next big adventure, add a splash of adicolor and see where the colours take you.