From outsole to three stripes, no other sneaker says icon like the Superstar.

adidas Superstar Sneakers & Tracksuits


adidas Superstar shoes originally burst off the basketball courts to enjoy a rich history as fashion icons through hip-hop and street culture. Pair the Superstars with your favourite adidas Originals and see where they take you.

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The adidas Originals Superstar is without question the most recognisable sneaker in the entire adidas range. The full leather upper with classic 3-Stripes and shell toe has become an iconic look. Since they debuted on the basketball courts in the seventies the Superstars notable features and durability have been on everyone’s lips (and feet) for over half a century. In those years adidas launched Superstar womens, adidas Superstar kids, Superstar clothing and even a Superstar Lego shoe.


Through the years the adidas Superstar has been adopted by different sports and groups but it is first and foremost a basketball sneaker. The first low rise to get out on the court, impressing players with its shell toe protection and non-marking white soles. By the mid-seventies 75% of the NBA had adidas Superstars on their feet.


Becoming the streetwise shoe of the eighties, championed by Run D.M.C. adidas superstar shoes became the “Superstar” of the hip hop scene. The shoes' durability made it as adaptable to street culture as it had previously been on the court. Known for their high performance and practicality, adidas superstar shoes spread from the streets to the skate parks through music and sports culture.