Womens Hiking Shoes

Boggy paths? Bumpy terrain? Bring it on. Women's outdoor shoes from adidas are sturdy and supportive to help you tackle the trail with confidence.

Womens Outdoor Walking Shoes

Take control of your outdoor experience, by selecting your shoes from our women's adidas Outdoor line. The collection of outdoor boots and trainers features footwear tailored to each outdoor activity. Whether you're into trail-running, mountain climbing, trekking, kayaking or paragliding, you can select the right shoe for you. Tech innovations in adidas Outdoor footwear include Stealth®, guaranteeing your footwear will be the among most progressive in the field. Women's shoes come in lightweight and flexible variations, ensuring the journey ahead will be a comfortable one. GORE-TEX® technology will keep women's boots waterproof and breathable, while Continental rubber outsoles ensure excellent grip and control of terrain in all conditions. BOOST™ cushioning provides more energy return, empowering you to push your limits as far as you can.

Womens Hiking Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

The most comfortable women’s hiking boots depend on your style of hiking and where you hike. For shorter, casual hikes, a lightweight hiking shoe is great for comfort on the trail. If you hike longer distances more frequently, the durability of a heavier pair of boots may be a better option. If you like to have extra ankle support, high-top boots will help with stability.
It’s ok to wear trail running shoes when you go day hiking, as long as the sole has good traction. Trail runners are designed to be worn on irregular terrain, so they’re also good for casual hiking as long as you’re not carrying a heavy load. If you’re packing more than 30 pounds or have a history of ankle injuries, you might search for women’s hiking boots instead. Running shoes are also designed to best support the specific gait of running. For the slower, steady pace of walking, women’s hiking shoes or boots have the right support built in. Learn more about the differences between trail running shoes and running shoes at the adidas blog.