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Womens Swimwear


Rule the pool

Whether you’re a lap swimmer who’s focused on fitness or a regular competitor seeking glory, you need to have the right equipment when you enter the water. That’s where the adidas collection of women's swimwear comes in. A wide range of swimwear and accessories, from swimsuits and bikinis to towels, caps and slides, means you can give your all in the swimming pool. And because it’s adidas, everything is made and designed with optimum performance in mind, utilising the most innovative swimwear technologies available today. With women’s swimwear from adidas, your PB is never safe.

Suited up

When it comes to beating the pace clock, your swimsuit is the most vital piece of equipment, and the adidas range of women’s swimwear has something for every type of swimmer. Swimsuits for competitive swimmers have been made using INFINITEX+ Performance 100% chlorine-resistant fabric and are cut in an athletic style that allows complete freedom of movement. Comfort and style is prioritised for recreational swimmers too, however, with innovative materials such as Infinitex Fitness Eco used across the collection to enhance your stroke. Some of the latest versions even use regenerated yarn to decrease the environmental impact of your gear. Whether you’re looking to swim in style or smash new records, adidas has what you need.

Be your best

Becoming the best swimmer you can be means putting in hours of training, maintaining a determined mentality and being supported by the best equipment available. The first two are down to you, but when it comes to women’s swimwear adidas has got you covered. Goggles for recreational swimmers are fitted with ANTIFOG-finished glass while their competitive counterparts offer full 180-degree vision thanks to intelligently designed lenses. Swimming caps reduce hair pulling by using a comfortable stretch material and towels are made from the most lightweight and fast-drying fabric available to let you focus entirely on your training and not your kit bag. Stylish and comfortable slides are the finishing touch for when you leave the pool a better swimmer after putting in those hours of hard work.