Men's Black Belts


Men’s black belts

Complete your look, complete your kit with accessories like the adidas men's black belt. Looking good with adidas doesn't have to be reserved for the gym or track, so within our range there are choices for not only sporting purposes but for your business, leisure and social events as well. When selecting social and leisure accessories for men, black belts are a key wardrobe item. Versatile enough to be worn with any number of trousers, they will complete your street or business look with style.

Your performance, your adidas

The black belts for men range includes activity belts for sports, running, hiking, climbing etc. Belts that snap on at the waist or on the arm, and lanyards for around the neck. The adidas range includes belts with added storage for your chosen sport, such as water bottle holders, a zipped change purse and a key holder. You don’t want your black belt to chafe, so adidas have carefully selected fabrics for comfort as well as to support your performance. The black belt men’s range carries the iconic Trefoil and 3-Stripes logos in either bold or subtle styles, with the adidas brand instantly recognizable and respected.

Your results are our inspiration

Great achievements take time, and even great athletes can’t just buy the right shoes and win gold. For men, black belts might not be life-changing, but like all things that matter, proper preparation and training are key to your success. This is why adidas believe that choosing the right kit will give you the best possible support to achieve your personal best. Choosing a black belt for men from the adidas collection has never been easier. Bringing out the champion in you is our best end result. Our range is inspired by you, the athlete. You, the performer, you, the champion. Your best results are our inspiration.