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Black · Belts


The best look with black belts from adidas

Black is a classic and versatile colour that can be matched easily with most other colours, and if you are after a belt that you can use with a large range of outfits then you can’t go wrong with this selection of adidas black belts. Available in a variety of materials including leather for a premium look and textile for a flexible style, you are guaranteed to find a black belt for your activity of choice whether you’re a golf player, a jogger, or just looking for a casual belt to wear during your everyday activities.

An adequate fit through special designs

These adidas black belts are made with high quality material and designs with the aim of providing you with a comfortable fit. Belts using stretchy material have superior flexibility and will adapt to your movements for optimal comfort. When it comes to buckles, belt styles with a clamp buckle can be customized for a perfect fit, while those with a pin buckle will have a more controlled fit. If you’re using your black belt for running, you will appreciate the presence of mesh at the back for added breathability, as well as a zip pocket dedicated for storing a sweat guard which can be used for relief as your run heats up.

Special features for a special performance

These black belts by adidas offer special and practical features that are included to help you perform better. These include the presence of special pockets in run belts made to hold water bottles that can help you stay hydrated on long runs, while styles with an integrated number holder are ideal for those running races as they include a special dedicated spot for the race number, keeping it off your running clothes and out of sight so you can concentrate on the run.