Mens Basketball Shoes

Shoes make a statement — and adidas men’s basketball shoes collection bold colors and classic designs have a lot to say. What’s your statement? Complete your look with basketball shirts and shorts.
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Basketball shoes for men


Are you ready to make waves on the basketball court and battle it out for the highest number of hoops and dunks? Shop the adidas basketball shoes for men collection to discover new heights and break records on the court. Each individual thread inside your shoe is designed especially so you can unlock new elements of your game. From high-top shoes to low silhouettes, basketball shoes for men are available in a variety of different colourways, both plain and bold, and filled with tonnes of exciting technologies that will enhance traction, improve comfort and keep you energised from start to finish.


One of the most athletically inspired sports, the sheer beauty of the game of basketball speaks to the heart of aspirational legends in the making, always looking for new ways to elevate their game. Whether you are a pro looking to push yourself or just a lover of the b-ball look, adidas basketball shoes for men speak to the heart of your passion. With the tech-backing of world-class athletes collaborating on select pairs in this collection, you can find basketball shoes that will have you catching air like never before. Move with the feeling of walking on air and dunk with an elevated bounce; juke like a seasoned player with responsive shoes that feel your movements whilst protecting your feet and ankles from the pounding they take during a tough game. Protection from future hip and knee problems comes standard with adidas basketball shoes for men that keep you stable and balanced, with high-performance durability that lasts.


Redefine your limits with advanced sportswear features


Comfort, support, stability and style are what define adidas hoop shoes. Disrupt opponents and make new strides with adidas basketball shoes for men that can elevate your game on and off the court. Enjoy the everlasting comfort of innovative features like Primeknit, an ultra-lightweight upper that wraps around the foot for a seamless, snug fit. Some basketball shoes also feature Fusedmesh, another type of seamless upper constructed to deliver breathable support and ensure a secure fit. Never miss a stride with Bounce and Boost cushioning technologies, which are soft, responsive midsole cushioning features that improve flexibility and provide impact protection.


Expressive and relentless


Sprint past opponents and move with supreme control in adidas basketball shoes with a fractal traction pattern on the outsole, delivering superior grip. Find your confidence to move quickly and stop suddenly in shoes that support you through every step. Sported by basketball champions around the world like James Harden and Damian Lillard, these basketball shoes for men are unmatched in comfort and undeniably fresh in style. Made for legends just like you, men’s basketball shoes by adidas also offer the option of customisation, meaning you can personalise your shoes with a name, initials or number.


Of course, not all lovers of the b-ball swag are players. Some just enjoy the urban cool that comes with a good quality pair of basketball sneakers. And shoes are where ultra-cool fashion comes to life. Always a popular footwear choice amongst the young and energetic, basketball shoes show your love of the game and fashion and add an authentic individuality to your outfits. Unisex pairs work well for everyone, as girls and guys alike can find high- or mid-top variants that throw a nod to the retro days on the court or enjoy a low-cut shoe that is perfect for daily life. Colours and metallics pop in a multitude of choices, as you select leathers, suedes or textiles for your uppers. Pair your men’s basketball shoes with loose sweats for an athletically cool look, jeans or chinos on smarter days and long shorts for casual encounters. The reputation of adidas basketball shoes speaks volumes and as any sneakerhead will tell you, you are decked out right when your kicks come from the b-ball collection. Get superior comfort, protection and cred all wrapped up in one beautifully designed shoe.

Mens Basketball Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

You should get the type of basketball shoes that match your style of play. Most men’s basketball shoes are made for versatile players who are stretching their skills in hybrid court positions. For more ankle support, choose a high top. They provide the greatest level of support above the Achilles. A mid-top gives more freedom to the ankle while still supporting the Achilles. The lower the cut, the more agility they allow for, at the expense of Achilles support. adidas recommends that players check with a trainer or coach before choosing a low-cut shoe to play in.
There’s not always a difference between high-tops and basketball shoes. High-tops can be a specific type of basketball shoe, or they can be streetwear shoes with a classic basketball look that aren’t made to play in. High-top basketball shoes are designed to support players’ ankle and Achilles tendon. (Basketball shoes also come in mid- and low-cut styles.) For playing basketball, look for performance midsole cushioning technologies such as adidas Boost and adidas Bounce. Or if you want quick response and speed, a snappy midsole like Lightstrike might be for you.