AdidasJanuary 07, 2024
How Should A Sports Bra Fit?

Over 90% of women are wearing the wrong size sports bra. We’re here to change that with a simple sports bra fit guide to help find your perfect fit.

Adidas/September 15, 2023
How To Choose the Right Adizero Shoe for You

No matter if your goal is to finish first or to finish for the first time, Adizero is made to win. Adizero stands for our pinnacle running products. The line-up consists of high-tech products, which are driven by our constant drive for innovations. Now we will take a closer look at our current Adizero models...

Adidas/August 25, 2023
The Best adidas Waterproof Golf Shoes

adidas Waterproof golf shoes are versatile and adaptable to any weather conditions. Rain or shine, morning or afternoon, they ensure your comfort and performance remain unhindered. No matter the forecast, you can rely on your shoes to keep your feet dry, allowing you to concentrate solely on your game.

Adidas/August 23, 2023
Unlocking Potential: Elevate Your Training with adidas Leggings

From performance-enhancing features like moisture-wicking technology and supportive fabrics to innovative solutions like period-proof protection, these leggings promise comfort, style, and functionality for different activities, from yoga to high-intensity workouts. Whether you're aiming for optimal performance or simply seeking comfort during your workouts, there's a pair of adidas leggings tailored to your preferences.

Adidas/May 05, 2023
Adizero: Road to Records

TOGETHER, WE ARE MADE TO WIN. At Adizero: Road to Records, adidas Running brings together some of the world’s fastest athletes on the adidas campus for a special day of racing. Our ambition: Smashing personal bests, breaking records, building legacies! Powered by ADIZERO, our fastest running franchise, we aim to break as many records as possible across the 5km, 10km and half marathon distance.

Adidas/April 04, 2023
What is Boost?

It's hard to imagine adidas without Boost — the revolutionary performance shoe technology that first hit the pavement in 2013. Boost was unlike anything that came before, and its energy return technology would go on to change the course of running forever. Today, adidas continues to iterate Boost and push the concept even further ahead.

Adidas/January 24, 2023
Cool Down Stretches for After a Workout

The sweat sesh might be over, but don’t skip the cool down! Learn how to cool down after a workout with eight quick stretches to add to your routine.

Adidas/December 16, 2022
7 minute read
How to Start a Workout Routine (And Actually Stick with it)

Reset and infuse movement into your days with our guide to creating a workout routine for beginners — plus tips and tricks for staying motivated and consistent.

Adidas/August 21, 2022

Lean into your comfort zone with the new Supernova 2 – a perfect shoe for starting your journey.

Adidas/July 06, 2022
4 minute read
adidas Pacific Partners with Indigenous Football Australia.

adidas Pacific is proud to partner with Indigenous Football Australia, with a combined goal to provide more equitable access to the game of football.