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How To Choose the Right Adizero Shoe for You

No matter if your goal is to finish first or to finish for the first time, Adizero is made to win. Adizero stands for our pinnacle running products. The line-up consists of high-tech products, which are driven by our constant drive for innovations. Now we will take a closer look at our current Adizero models...

In the Adizero range, there is a shoe for any distance and occasion. From training to races, from 5k to marathons - all Adizero shoes are created around our key benefit of running fast. 
The STRUNG upper combines targeted strength and flexibility, enhancing midfoot and heel areas while allowing expansion in the forefoot. It features a knitted tongue for improved lockdown. The shoe boasts three LIGHTSTRIKE PRO layers, building a 50mm stack height. This novel midsole, nestled between two full-length foam layers, reduces weight and adds bounce to the fore- and midfoot. The Continental™ outsole ensures exceptional traction. The shoe's core, LIGHTSTRIKE PRO, is flanked by two carbon-infused plates to amplify responsiveness during the run, culminating in a more dynamic and efficient platform. 
Although illegal for elite racing, the ADIZERO PRIME X 2 STRUNG is permitted for ambitious runners aiming to smash their personal bests. The shoe represents adidas’ commitment to revolutionizing running in 2023.
Product Specifications:
Purpose: Performance Road Running
Heel Height: 50mm
Midsole Drop: 6.5mm
Forefoot Height: 43.5mm
Weight (Size UK 8.5): 295g
Price: AUD $450 | NZD $490
The PRIME X STRUNG is built with innovative technology. 3 layers of LIGHTSRIKE PRO, additional carbon blades compliment our revolutionary strung upper technology: The perfect fit for runners with high stacker ambitions. A tuned Strung upper is built layer by layer - adding strength to areas that need it most (midfoot/heel) whilst offering some flexibility in key expansion zones across the forefoot. The 3 layers of Lightsrike Pro offer a new approach to energy propulsion. The Continental™ and light textile rubber outsole is even lighter than earlier models and provides superior grip in all weather and ground conditions.
Product Specifications:
Purpose: Race to Win
Heel Height: 49.5mm
Midsole Drop: 10mm
Forefoot Height: 41mm
Weight (Size UK 8.5): 255g
Price: AUD $420 | NZD $460
The Adizero Adios Pro 3 is designed to break records - no matter if you go for a new personal best or even a WR. The successor of the world-record-breaking Adios Pro 2 is built to empower runners to achieve new heights. These adidas running shoes are made for speed with carbon-infused ENERGYRODS that provide lightweight stiffness for a snappy, efficient stride. Ultralight Lightstrike Pro cushions every step with three layers of our most resilient foam to help you maintain energy over the long term. It all rides on a grippy Continental™ Rubber outsole for extraordinary traction in wet and dry conditions.
Product Specifications:
Purpose: Race to win 
Heel Height: 39mm
Midsole Drop: 9mm
Forefoot Height: 30mm
Weight (Size UK 8.5): 238g
Price: AUD $360 | NZD $400
Building resilience helps you push training sessions to the extra mile, so you make it to race day prepared for the toughest challenges. The adidas Adizero Boston 12 helps you develop stamina and strength with super-lightweight and resilient Lightstrike cushioning. Working holistically with a forefoot spike plate and energy-conserving ENERGYRODS, the running shoes offer tuned stiffness with a propulsive underfoot sensation. They're ideal for tempo runs and speed training on the track.

Product Specifications:
Purpose: Train to Race
Heel Height: 37mm
Midsole Drop: 6.5mm
Forefoot Height: 30.5mm
Weight (Size UK 8.5): 267g
Price: AUD $240 | NZD $260
The Adizero Boston 11 is designed to give you a race feeling on your training runs, with high-performance tech combined inside a durable shoe frame. The Adizero Boston 11 Shoes are built for mid- to long-distance running. They bring a race-day feel to training with a propulsive feel that comes from ENERGYRODS, which limits energy loss underfoot. They're fast, but that does not come at the cost of durability — the midsole mixes ultralight Lightstrike Pro cushioning with durable Lightstrike EVA.
Product Specifications:
Purpose: Train to Race
Heel Height: 39.5mm
Midsole Drop: 8.5mm
Forefoot Height: 31mm
Weight (Size UK 8.5): 271g
Price: AUD $260 | NZD $290
Set your new PB on 5-15k distances with the Adizero Takumi Sen 9. Designed for max speed from the first stride to the finish line.  Chase that personal record in these adidas running shoes that are built for speed. Ultralight Lightstrike Pro cushioning energizes your stride on the road and on the track. Carbon-infused ENERGYRODS add stiffness for snappy toe-offs to help you get to the finish line fast.
Product Specifications:
Purpose: 5-15 K Racer
Heel Height: 33mm
Midsole Drop: 6mm
Forefoot Height: 27mm
Weight (Size UK 8.5): 181g
Price: AUD $280 | NZD $310
Unleash your fastest speed. Whether you're chasing a PB or a half-marathon podium finish, the adidas Adizero Adios 8 running shoes help you tap your full potential. Our lightest Adizero yet, they pair a featherlight mesh upper with a mix of resilient Lightstrike Pro and superlight Lightstrike 2.0 cushioning. TORSIONRODS add lightweight stiffness to support snappy toe-offs and fast transitions. The final touch? A Continental™ Rubber outsole that grips the ground in any condition.
Product Specifications:
Purpose: Racing Allrounder for both Race day and Training
Heel Height: 28mm
Midsole Drop: 8mm
Forefoot Height: 20mm
Weight (Size UK 8.5): 205g
Price: AUD $220 | NZD $240
The lightweight design of the Adizero Adios 7, in combination with a low profile and responsive midsole, is made for a direct and snappy feeling in races or speed workouts. Chase your next PR in these adidas Adizero running shoes. The breathable mesh upper rides on a mix of superlight Lightstrike and resilient Lightstrike Pro. The hybrid makes these shoes fast enough for race day while being able to stand up to everyday training. TORSIONRODS add a soft stiffness that increases force transfer in each stride. The result? A pair of running shoes that help you run faster (and longer) than ever before, all while feeling fresh on your feet.
Product Specifications:
Purpose: Racing Allrounder for both Race day and Training
Heel Height: 27mm
Midsole Drop: 8mm
Forefoot Height: 19mm
Weight (Size UK 8.5): 217g
Price: AUD $240 | NZD $260
The Adizero SL is designed to enable elite athletes and all runners who run for a personal best to set their ambitions higher. These adidas running shoes feature superlight Lightstrike cushioning in the midsole, with Lightstrike Pro in the forefoot to maximise energy return. The Continental™ Rubber outsole grips wet and dry surfaces to keep you going in all conditions.
Product Specifications:
Purpose: Daily Trainer
Heel Height: 35mm
Midsole Drop: 10mm
Forefoot Height: 25mm
Weight (Size UK 8.5): 243.25g
Price: AUD $180 | NZD $200
Race day is on your calendar. Now it's time to train. As you build strength and stamina, speed and distance, these adidas running shoes support you with a lightweight, fast feel. A breathable mesh upper rides on a superlight, stable, and responsive Lightstrike midsole. Adiwear rubber grips to the track or pavement with long-lasting durability.
Product Specifications:
Purpose: Fast, mid-distance Runner
Heel Height: 35mm
Midsole Drop: 6.5mm
Forefoot Height: 28.5mm
Weight (Size UK 8.5): 263g
Price: AUD $150 | NZD $170
Now it is time to reach your goal! 
adidas / September 2023