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AdidasJanuary 03, 2024
5 minute read

From indoor football boots to studs for turf or grass, adidas football footwear is for every player. Get the facts on how to buy football studs that match your game.

Adidas/August 31, 2023
The adidas Samba Size Guide

Discover classic adidas heritage through the fit and feel of the one and only Samba.

Adidas/July 31, 2023
Through The Eyes Of The Fans: Mary Fowler

From Queensland to the world’s biggest stage, Mary Fowler is what you get when a creative, free spirit meets the hopes of a nation. A true midfield maestro. The kind that can unlock any defence with ease. Mesmerising dribbles, passes and goals that leave your jaw on the floor are all part of the Fowler show. Just 20-years-old, her footballing journey has taken her to all corners of the globe. From New South Wales to Manchester via Montpellier. But this summer, she’s back Down Under for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ "Watching Mary Fowler at her best is pure joy. She plays with freedom." - Becky, UK. While she's a budding artist off the pitch, the green grass is her canvas too. And it’s no surprise those talents have taken her right to the very top. Forged in Cairns, tailor-made for international football’s lofty heights, her stints through the youth ranks made her one to watch, but at the Olympic Games, she truly took her place centre stage. "It was hard to look past Fowler at the Olympics. Especially in the quarter-final." - Pokuah, Australia VOICE OF THE FAN: "It was hard to look past Fowler at the Olympics, especially in the Quarter Final. Her best performance for the national team… So far at least. In that moment, it was like seeing the future first-hand. Rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s greatest and, at times, looking like the best of the lot.Grabbing a goal too. That touch and turn, that was special." - Pokuah, Australia That game might have been played nearly 5000 miles away from Australia, but the shockwaves were certainly felt back home. A young star in the making, stamping both her name and her country’s on the footballing map. "She’s an ambassador for not just Australian multiculturalism, but football’s too." - Tom, Australia And that’s where the beautiful game really works its magic. Seeing one of your own walk out onto that pitch, representing the team you love and doing things with a football you never thought were possible. "Having made her international debut at just 15-years-old, she’s racked up a fair chunk of caps ever since. It just illustrates how exciting the future of football here is." - Tom, Australia Now add in a FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ on home soil, and Fowler’s level of skill… The magic is growing.

Adidas/July 20, 2023
So, What Should You Wear To A Football Match?

The easy answer? Something simple. The key to getting your outfit right for watching football is to focus on comfort above all else. Clothing with a versatile look that won’t distract from the drama or last-minute winners. To avoid a wardrobe malfunction on game day, then, here are our top tips on what to wear to your next football match.

Adidas/July 19, 2023
FIFA World Cup™ Balls History: How It Became a Game-Changer

Most fans will be able to tell you about the players, managers and teams that have had an impact on the FIFA World Cup™. But the FIFA World Cup™ ball itself has also had a big influence on how the game is played.

Adidas/July 18, 2023
Champion The Girls

Champion The Girls, a joint initiative by adidas Football Collective and UEFA Women’s Champions League, is dedicated to empowering girls in football. While girls love the game, the sport's paths become narrower as they grow older. Unfortunately, at the age of 14, girls are twice as likely to drop out of sports than boys. But with support from role models and loved ones, we can help them realise their passion for football. Creating lifelong fans and ultimately, the stars of tomorrow, requires clubs, governing bodies, and brands to do better. Our campaign message is simple: Champion. The. Girls. This initiative is not only about motivating girls to keep playing football but also about urging adults to recognise their vital role in supporting young girls in the sport. As part of this mission, we're giving away a block of seats to girls and their role models, coaches, and loved ones to witness the spectacle of the Women’s Champions League final at the Philips Stadium, Eindhoven in June 2023. Our goal is to change the perception that football is a game exclusively for boys, encourage girls to play and persevere, and ultimately change the culture of the sport. Football is football, no matter the gender. adidas will continue to launch more activations and projects aimed at welcoming more women and girls to the game.

Adidas/July 18, 2023
Herstory in the Making: The Evolution of FIFA Women's Football World Cup™

The FIFA Women's World Cup™ is not just a tournament; it's an experience that will leave you in awe of the incredible power and passion of football. This is a chance to witness history in the making and to see some of the world's most talented athletes go head-to-head in a display of skill, determination, and teamwork.

Adidas/February 12, 2023
4 minute read
How To Curve A Soccer Ball

Bend it like Groom. Add an edge to your shots by learning how to curve a soccer ball with professional athlete Shea Groom.