Trail Running


Making you feel closer to nature with trail running collection

While nothing can stop you from exploring the world around you, plan your outdoor activities with the trail running collection from adidas. Allowing you to be adventurous during different seasons of the year, this exclusively designed clothing collection from adidas is all you need when you decide to hike, trail run or trek, either on your own or with a group of friends. A purchase that is great value for money, complete your trail look from the myriad selection of rain jackets, trail running shoes, running t-shirts, trek shorts and even headbands that are available for both men and women.

Feel the comfort in a relaxed way with trail running clothing

Never allow gloomy weather to dampen your trail running plans. An essential part of your adventuring wardrobe, pack this lightweight rain jacket to make sure you stay dry. Built-in pockets make it easy to secure your belongings when the rain gets heavy. Carry with you these waterproof and windproof nylon jackets that pack down neatly in the backpack. Perfect the authentic outdoor look while you ski, hike or trail run with an adidas headband. Lightweight and comfortable, these multi-purpose headbands add warmth during cold conditions and also keep you dry by fighting sweat during hot and humid weather.

Get the right traction on rough terrain with shoes designed for trail running

Elevate the experience of long distance running while you get the right traction on dry and wet surfaces as you climb, hike and run over different terrains. Adding to their durability despite the rough usage, these trail running shoes are designed with a lightweight cushioning and tough rubber outsole. With adidas, you can never run short of clothing options, as the trail running collection also offers shorts, t-shirts and hooded jackets available in different designs and colours for both genders to complete the sporty look.