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Pink Basketball Shoes


Pink shoes for basketball

You can combine style with leisure and sport with adidas shoes. Shoes by adidas hit home not only with their style – they are also frontrunners in terms of comfort. adidas shoes support lateral as well as linear movement. Run faster, jump higher and always aim to win with your team in basketball. Find the perfect fit! With adidas shoes, your feet can move freely while being perfectly supported. With pink shoes for basketball you'll be well equipped.

Made for creators – adidas pink shoes for basketball

With our sporting goods, you will be ready to give everything you've got while playing basketball or when you want to beat your personal best: shoes from adidas. You will find trends that are already potential legends in the shoes collections of brands such as Performance, Originals or Essentials.

You are the center of attention on every stage with our brands

Performance represents that increased level of motivation and achievement. Treasured originals and innovations gathered under the umbrella of creativity. That's what you'll find in the varied world of adidas Originals.

We test new technologies like Boost, Bounce and Primeknit under real-life conditions; on the field, track and court. We have developed the flexible and light BOUNCE midsole, which supports you with power with each and every step, meaning that you remain loaded with energy. Reactive absorption thanks to the BOOST midsole, which gives you back the energy you put into it. Our shoe collections include Pro Spark, Court Vision and D.O.N. Be it adidas soccer cleats, adidas running shoes or stylish streetwear, thanks to high-quality materials and innovative features such as primeknit or mesh, you can always perform your best, whatever your chosen sport may be.

We support creativity and sportsmanship. Together, kids, men and women can break and redefine the rules, only to then question them again.

The future starts now. Grab a pair of our pink shoes for basketball from adidas – and your moment is here.