Girls Basketball Shoes

Get your young creator ready for game day in girls’ basketball shoes from adidas. Check out silhouettes and colorways to fit every kid’s style. Check out all our Kids basketball gear too.

Girls' shoes for basketball

Everything you need you will find in the adidas shoe collection for girls's. Whether it be summer or winter, sport or casual, with girls's' shoes by adidas you are constantly one step ahead of the latest trend. adidas shoes support lateral as well as linear movement. Run faster, jump higher and always aim to win with your team in basketball. Your shoes do a lot of work and give you the chance to make a statement. The materials and technologies engineered by adidas are designed to perfectly support you. With girls' shoes for basketball you'll be well equipped.

The brand with the three stripes – adidas girls' shoes for basketball

With our sporting goods, you will be prepared to give your all while playing basketball or when you want to smash your personal best: shoes from adidas. You will find trends that already have legendary potential in the shoes collections of brands like Originals, Performance or Essentials.

You are the highlight on every stage with our brands

Treasured originals and innovations united under the umbrella of creativity. That's what you'll find in the diverse world of adidas Originals. Performance represents that increased level of motivation and achievement.

With technologies such as Primeknit, Bounce and Lightstrike, you are equipped for every situation. BOOST is the most reactive absorption we have ever developed; this means full power with each and every step. We have developed the flexible and light BOUNCE midsole, which supports you with power with every step so that you stay loaded with energy. Dame, Lillard and Hoops are our well-known shoe collections. Be it adidas soccer cleats, adidas running shoes or stylish streetwear, thanks to high-quality materials and innovative features such as primeknit or mesh, you can always give your best performance, whatever your discipline.

We support sportsmanship and creativity. Together, girls's can break the rules and then rewrite them, only to then question them again. It's never too early to start. That distinctive adidas vibe or three-stripe look supports girls's on their way. Yellow, orange, grey, and many other colors are available colors for our shoes.

Girls' shoes for basketball from adidas are your new support – especially if you are set to surpass your goals from day to day.