Hiking & Outdoor Pants

You can expect comfort and durability in hiking pants designed for exploring your limits outdoors. Take on challenging terrain, unpredictable weather and unfamiliar trails with confidence.

Hit the hiking trail in style with these outdoor trousers

There's no reason why you should have to choose between clothes that look great and clothes that offer you the comfort and support that you need when you're out hiking. The right pair of outdoor trousers should be able to offer both. Constructed from durable, stretch-woven fabric which is flexible enough to move smoothly with you as you work your way up the even toughest trails, the tapered, articulated fit offers a sleek and stylish look.

These outdoor pants mean you never have to trade style for comfort

The confidence that comes with looking your best can make a huge difference to any workout, and that's certainly true when you're hiking. Hiking is the kind of exercise that requires you to stay focused on your goals and push past your limits whenever you can. That's why you need the right pair of outdoor trousers to boost your confidence and offer you all the support you need for when things get tough and the terrain becomes challenging. It's a fine balance that these trousers can help you achieve.

Give your entire workout wardrobe that classic adidas style

When choosing the right pair of outdoor pants, one of the most important things to consider is whether or not they complement the rest of your wardrobe. After all, it's not enough to have trousers that are stylish – you've got to be sure that the style works with the rest of your outfit as well. It's fortunate then that not only are these outdoor pants incredibly versatile, but that adidas has a huge variety of different clothes that you can mix and match to create as many different looks as you want. Whether you're hitting the trail or just heading into town, you'll be able to find something suitable.

adidas outdoor trousers will keep you active and moving no matter what your activity of choice or the weather conditions. If you’re planning a hike or a scramble, models like Multi Trousers, Lifelex Trousers and Terrex Hike Trousers are the hiking trousers you need. They will give you the ability to move more freely and easily thanks to stretchy fabric and features such as the four-way stretch. On the other hand, the likes of Ski Tour, Xperior and Terrex Skyrunning trousers are perfect for snow-related activities. Their soft shell fabric is both breathable and windproof, keeping you protected from chilly winds as you slide down the slopes.

An outdoor trouser for every activity

If you’re undecided about which pair of outdoor pants to go for, consider some of the extra features that each style is equipped with. If you expect some light rain or snow on your outdoor adventure, trekking pants with a water-repellent design are essential for keeping you dry throughout the day. Ankle zips are particularly useful if you want the ability to slide your outdoor trousers on and off over your shoes or ski boots, while reinforcement at the ankle will help protect against abrasion when you’re skiing. Don’t forget to look for extra pockets if carrying lots of equipment is essential for you. Whether you’re after a practical pair of outdoor trousers filled with useful features, or trousers that combine functionality with a modern look, you’ll find a pair that fits your needs. adidas outdoor pants offer protection against the weather and will help ease your movements, whether you’re on foot or on skis. And those of you that are after a sustainable product will be glad to know that some of these adidas trousers are made using recycled polyester, which helps decrease emissions and save resources.