Orange Cycling Jerseys


Orange cycling jerseys

When it comes to cycling jerseys, you want to choose a style that makes a statement. Not only will an orange cycling jersey make you visible, it is also the colour of fire and will give you the boost you need to get out there and do your best. The adidas collection of orange cycling jerseys includes styles for males and females, with short-sleeved options that are perfect for a summer ride or long sleeved jerseys that aim to protect you in the cooler weather. Whether you prefer a sport fit that runs close to your skin without being restrictive or a RacePlus fit that gives you a snug fit with a loose feeling, you are guaranteed to find a style you like in this collection.

Practically comfortable

Orange cycling jerseys from adidas are designed to offer practicality and comfort as you go on your daily commute. This starts with the use of fabric equipped with a technology that gives it sweat-wicking properties, thus driving the sweat away from your body and keeping you dry throughout the ride. The inclusion of a four-way stretch means you will be able to move easily in any direction, while an orange cycling jersey with a smoother surface on the outside will have the ability to shed water easily. For convenience, back pockets might be included with an elastic binding, so you can easily reach for any items stored during the ride, while a zip pocket will protect your valuables from the rain.

Your jersey as you like it

When choosing one of the orange cycling jerseys in the adidas collection, look for those styles that offer extra valuable details. A jersey with a front zip will be easy to slip on and off, while a style with reflective details will give you visibility and ensure your safety at all times.