Cycling clothing sale

It’s our cycling clothing sale, so now is your opportune time to take advantage of discount prices and grab some new cycling kit. It’s easy and convenient at adidas online.

The latest and greatest, in a cycling clothing sale

From our bib shorts to cycling jackets and even underwear, everything you’ll find at our cycling clothing sale is full of adidas sporting technology. We use the latest material combinations for breathability and sweat evaporation. Stretchy fabrics give a snug and supportive fit to our high-performance cycling tops, shorts and leggings. We also use as much recycled material as possible in our clothing, to help reduce the environmental impact of each item.

Our cycling clothes sale is for everyone

The adidas cycling clothes sale offers a wide selection of cycling gear for everyone – you can get a new pair of bib shorts, some long leggings for winter training, support bras, padded shorts and much more. It’s a great opportunity to get a complete cycling outfit, if you’re just starting the sport, or to replenish your existing wardrobe with some choice items. We have everything from warm weather gear like cycling shorts and short-sleeve shirts to cycling jackets and long-sleeve tops. Our cycling clothing sale is suitable for everyone who needs high-performance gear, from novices to seasoned cyclists.

Cycling clothes for broader use

Everything available at our cycling clothing sale is durable and easy to take care of. You can just put the fabrics in a cold wash with a mild detergent. These clothes also make very good all-around sports and casual wear. Our rain-resistant cycling jackets are great for all-weather training, and you can make good use of our supportive cycling bras for any kind of training or sporting activity. Our looser biking shorts can be worn casually or for general fitness training.