Cycling Clothing

adidas biking clothes help you make an impact on the road while supporting your muscles and joints, providing a great training session and respect for the environment.

Cycling clothes for hardcore bikers

For lovers of cycling and racing through to the finish line, our adidas cycling clothes are the ideal performance gear to take you there. adidas lives and breathes cycling just as much as you do, with a rich history dressing international cyclists. We know how important it is to supply yourself with the right clothing that is both reliable and durable. The adidas cycling clothes are made for hardcore bikers and cycling enthusiasts alike, with technical, comfortable and stylish features to take you through whichever journey you choose. From fitness rides on the weekend to category 4 racing, we’re here with years of experience and the best range in cycling clothes for men and women.

Cycle your way through the finish line

Our cycling clothing range for men and women includes cycling jerseys, cycling bottoms, cycling socks, cycling shorts, and cycling bib shorts. We provide cyclists with only the very best in sportswear clothing, creating our gear with advanced technologies that guarantee comfort, coverage, and performance for your ride. Made with sweat wicking materials, our clothes wick sweat away right as your body starts to heat up, keeping you cool and dry. Focus on your ride, eyes on the prize. Some of our clothing garments also feature compression fabrics which wrap snugly around your body and provide locked-in support. These features allow for flexibility and full range of motion on your bike, so you can rely on distraction-free clothing.

adidas essentials for cyclists

Here with a complete range of options to complete your kit. Explore our range of compression bib shorts, comfortable jerseys, and wool socks. Often an overlooked item, our cycling socks are a must-have for preventing soreness and irritation during your ride. Made with soft, breathable wool blends, these socks help control temperature and sweat through all weather conditions. Our base layers are another essential for layering up for your ride. Some styles even offer anti-odour fabrics and UV protection, to keep you feeling fresh and protected.