Mens running belts

Effortlessly step your accessory game up by adding men’s belts to your collection. They’re built to eliminate distractions by keeping your pants in place so you can focus on what’s in front of you.

Men’s belts

An active sportsman relies heavily on his kit and when it comes to quality, he needs reassurance from a brand he can trust. The design team at adidas have focused on what makes a great men's belt and this collection will not let you down. Using the latest technologies and styling techniques, adidas have brought the belts for men collection to life. The sporting men’s belt range includes runners’ belts and men's belts suitable for the golfer, the hiker and the skateboarder as well as many other activities.

Run with it

As every athlete knows, energy and hydration are the key elements to a good performance, particularly in long distance running. Carrying an adidas men's run belt will help you to power through! Internal organs can suffer through lack of water, which will not only affect your run time but can lead to short and long-term medical problems, so it’s vital that you take on liquids while you run. Carrying your own supply can be invaluable at busy events, letting you stay ahead of the pack by being well equipped and keeping your hands free. The men's running belt has storage not only for water but also those important power gels, your mobile device, keys and other essentials.

Put your belt on, things are looking up

When putting on a belt, men need reassurance that it will not only look great but give them the security they need to concentrate on the job in hand. adidas know that whichever belt men go for, it must be smart to look at, strong to wear and easy to fasten and unfasten. The adidas attention to detail is assured by the inclusion of the Trefoil or 3-Stripes branding in each belt. Leather, woven, braided, reversible or webbed belts – men’s latest fashion dictates the style but you create the look.