Hiking Shoes


Sturdy, well-designed hiking boots and shoes are essential for all-day comfort on the trails. Browse hiking boots made with Boost and GORE-TEX that offer durability and traction for adventurers of all levels.

Men TERREX Black Terrex Swift R3 Mid GORE-TEX Hiking ShoesMen TERREX Black Terrex Swift R3 Mid GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes

Terrex Swift R3 Mid GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes


Men TERREX Black Terrex AX4 GORE-TEX Hiking ShoesMen TERREX Black Terrex AX4 GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes

Terrex AX4 GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes


Men TERREX Black Terrex Voyager 21 Travel ShoesMen TERREX Black Terrex Voyager 21 Travel Shoes

Terrex Voyager 21 Travel Shoes


Outdoor essentials: hiking boots and shoes

Take on new challenges and hike to new heights through any weather or terrain, with our range of adidas hiking boots and shoes. Fitted with innovative sportswear technologies, our outdoor shoes are geared for all your adventures. Find sizes and styles available for men, women, and kids, and decide what shoe works best for you. Made with innovative features like ventilated mesh uppers and water-repellent linings, our hiking boots will endure all sorts of weather while also preventing your feet from overheating. Stay comfortable in shoes designed especially for back-country walking, trail running, and hiking.

Tough walking shoes made for endurance

Think of bad weather as an opportunity to build strength and endurance. With leather uppers, sturdy outsoles, and weather resistant features on our hiking shoes, they are perfect for outdoor exploring—rain, hail, or shine. Some boots are also made with multi-directional grip, which helps prevent slipping on wet surfaces. Endurance runners can also explore our collection of trail running and walking shoes. Built with breathable mesh uppers and a waterproof lining, these outdoor running shoes will minimise distractions so you can focus on your performance.

Water-repellent hiking boots

If you live in a rainy climate or are an all-season trainer, explore our range of All Terrain runners, which will help keep your feet warm and dry. Regardless of the weather, these boots are made with a lightweight upper with a thin water-repellent overlay, perfect for wear in wet weather. Don’t shy away from the outdoors because of the rain or cold. These hiking boots and shoes will wrap snug around your feet and repel rain with each step. Also built with responsive cushioning, our adidas hiking boots provide impact protection with a bouncy feel, so you’ll feel light on your feet through every trek.