Womens Hiking Clothing

Hit the trail and find your bliss. From lightweight tops to insulated jackets, our women's hiking clothes keep you focused and comfortable, mile after mile.

Women’s hiking clothing that you can rely on in all weather

adidas have a full range of hiking clothes for women, so you can outfit yourself from top to bottom in the latest style along with the latest technology when it comes to fabrics, materials and designs. Have a look at the wonderful genuine goose down padded hiking jackets, or the super lightweight rain jackets. Or browse the exceptional adidas range of hiking boots and shoes, made from the very latest material and capable of going anywhere you're able to go yourself. They all come with the prized adidas branding that is a guarantee of both style and quality.

Hiking apparel for every activity you can imagine

adidas women’s hiking clothing is designed to support any outdoor activity you prefer. For the hardcore outdoor enthusiast or sportswomen, there are rugged and durable down jackets that will give you a sporty feel and insulate you from the elements as you're crossing the country as fast as you can. If you prefer your activities a bit more sedate when you're out hiking, then adidas have an entire spectrum of boots and shoots that will help you take every step in comfort and confidence. Whatever terrain you're aiming to cover, you can do so with the peace of mind that adidas has you covered from top to bottom.

Keeping you warm and cosy or cool and breezy

adidas have a range of base layers that will hug your body like a second skin, giving a wonderfully warming thermal effect for really cold weather. Slip some soft-shell hiking trousers over these, along with a sweatshirt and you're good to go. And if you prefer to turn your hiking into trail running during the summer, then adidas leggings make the perfect sweat-resistant, ultra-lightweight companions. Slip on a Trail Cross T-shirt, and you have the perfect outfit to wear, whether you like to explore or make quick time on your hiking trips. Whatever the weather, whatever your needs, you can't put a foot wrong with adidas women’s hiking clothing.