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What Kind of Shoes Should You Wear to the Gym

Get the right support for your training session. Find out the best workout shoes for the gym with adidas’ top picks and advice.

From active go-getters to everyday comfort-seekers, most people have a favorite pair of running shoes in their closet for their cushioning, support and maybe even style. But does that make them the best shoes for the gym?
Unless you’re going to the gym to knock out 30 minutes on the treadmill and a few mat exercises, running shoes aren’t the best footwear for gym training. There are many different many kinds of running shoes, but the general characteristics include a curved outsole for springiness as you push off, and a well-cushioned midsole designed for energized strides and long-distance comfort. While these are great characteristics for running, they can inhibit your movement in strength-based workouts and can even be dangerous if you’re lifting heavy weights due to their instability in held positions. 

How To Pick Gym Shoes

Specific shoe choice varies based on your workout, so consider the type of exercise you'll be doing. Check out our guide to find the right shoe for your needs – select between strength training, HIIT workouts or heavy weightlifting. 


For strength training, the best gym shoes are breathable and provide controlled stability with little to no curve in the sole. A wide toebox lets you grip the floor with your whole foot, creating better balance in strength and conditioning moves.


RRP: $200 AUD / $220 NZD

The solid foundation of the Dropset 2 has you lifting and moving in comfort and confidence for longer. The 6 mm midsole drop gives you a flat and stable platform and helps you find proper alignment in all your lifts. The dual-density midsole provides comfort and controlled stability, and a grippy Traxion outsole helps to keep your footing secure. 


RRP: $140 AUD / $160 NZD

The Everyset is a great workout shoe if you like to mix it up in the gym, from weights to bodyweight workouts to cardio machines. They feature a soft and breathable knit upper and a dual-density midsole to add steady balance without sacrificing comfort. The overall flatter shape creates a grounded and secure feeling, so you can focus on your form. 


For HIIT or bodyweight workouts, pick a shoe that provides dynamic stability and checks the boxes for multi-directional movements such as jumps, burpees or mountain climbers. Here are our top recommendations. 


RRP: $220 AUD / $240 NZD

The Rapidmove ADV is made for dynamic movement. Its Lightstrike cushioning is super lightweight and responsive, and the asymmetrical Torsion System and Continental rubber outsole help keep you stable during quick cuts and multidirectional moves. Engineered knit upper provides you with strategically placed support so you can fly through your HIIT classes.  


If you just started your training journey, Amplimove is the right shoe for you. This reliable training shoe delivers stability and comfort whilst keeping you nimble and agile on your feet. Its versatility is perfect for everything from Youtube HIIT workouts to online training plans or your first workouts in the gym.


If you are into heavy weightlifting, your shoes should be designed with sturdy and stiff soles and a lift in the heel to give you more range of mobility in your calf and ankle. This helps you to squat lower and have more stability in big power lifts like the front squat, squat clean, squat snatch and more.


Whatever you're lifting, these adidas weightlifting shoes ensure you do it in comfort. With a heel lift of 16 mm, the Powerlift 5 is perfectly suitable for weightlifting, but also works for any lifting exercise in the gym. Lightweight but tough, their canvas upper includes open-mesh inserts for added breathability. A combination of strap and laces secures the midfoot, and the midsole wedge provides rock-solid stability under heavy loads. Underneath, a rubber outsole grips the mat to keep you planted.


The ultimate platform for heavy lifting. With a 22 mm heel lift and a high-density midsole, the Adipower Weightlifting 3 helps to keep you stable under heavy loads. Its tough-as-nails canvas upper uses a lace-and-strap combo to keep you firmly locked in. The grippy, low-profile rubber outsole is specifically designed to plant your feet on the mat. 


Inspired by gym culture. Ideal for deadlifting. Designed with a ZERO heel lift, The Total weightlifting shoe helps to create the perfect low-to-the-ground stance favored by many deadlifters. The wide toe box also contributes to helping you find a stable stance. Displaying gym-inspired design details, the textile upper uses a strap and laces to keep you firmly locked in.