We Gave the World a Superstar: The Brief History of a Timeless Original

For over five decades, the adidas Originals Superstar shoe has been a symbol of timeless fashion and athletic progress. From its roots as a basketball shoe to its global recognition in the world of streetwear, the Superstar has earned its place as an enduring icon. Embracing collaborations with prominent hip-hop artists, boasting exhibitions at influential galleries, and building communities across the world, this shoe has transcended beyond its sporting origins.

The Evolution from Supergrip to Superstar:

The story of the adidas Originals Superstar shoe traces back to its predecessors, the Supergrip. Released in 1965, the shoes were initially designed for professional basketball players and featured smooth suede, offering enhanced comfort and durability compared to canvas-made competitors. In the late 1960s, adidas began experimenting with rubber toe caps to protect the shoe's front area. While the Tennis model showcased a rubber toe cap, it was the adidas France team that introduced the iconic shell toes with characteristic ribs, becoming synonymous with the Superstar. A prototype dating back to 1969 is preserved in the adidas archive, solidifying the shoe's historical significance.



The Arrival of the Superstar:

In 1970, the adidas Superstar shoe officially hit the market, featuring a luxurious leather upper and the now-famous shell toe. With exceptional comfort and durability, it quickly gained popularity among athletes and fans alike.

Cultural Phenomenon and Collaborations:

In the late 1980s, the iconic silhouette transcended its athletic origins and became a cultural and design phenomenon. Its impact was so significant that in 1986, the hip-hop group Run-DMC paid homage to the brand and their beloved Superstar sneakers in their iconic song "My adidas." This collaboration marked a pivotal moment, solidifying the shoe's influence in the realm of not just sport but across wider communities in the worlds of music, art, and fashion alike. Over the years, the Superstar has been the focus silhouette across iconic collaborations with renowned brands and artists, further cementing its status as a style icon and showcasing the shoe's versatility and global appeal.



Celebrating a Legacy:

To commemorate the Superstar's 35th anniversary in 2005, adidas released a limited-edition collection featuring 35 different models divided into five distinct series. This celebration not only honored the shoe's enduring legacy but also showcased its ability to adapt to evolving fashion trends while retaining its timeless appeal.

Continued Legacy and the 50th Anniversary:

In 2020, the adidas Originals Superstar shoe reached a monumental milestone, celebrating its 50th anniversary. This milestone reminded communities worldwide of the shoe's timeless charm and enduring relevance. However, the story of the Superstar is far from over. adidas Originals continues to innovate and collaborate, pushing the boundaries of design and style while honoring the shoe's heritage.



Timeless. Classic. Originals:

From its humble beginnings as a basketball shoe to becoming a cultural phenomenon, the adidas Originals Superstar has solidified its place as an iconic sneaker that has stood the test of time. With its innovative features, collaborations with renowned brands, and continuous evolution, the Superstar has remained a favorite among the community. As we look to the future, we can only anticipate more exciting chapters in the ongoing legacy of this timeless icon, as adidas continues to pay homage to not only the silhouette's rich history but the communities that helped build it.