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Get a grip on the board with women's skateboarding trainers

From its origins on the streets of California to the skateparks of the United Kingdom, adidas skateboarding trainers for women have given skaters the kick for decades. Strong grips on a lightweight, comfortable trainer are what every street surfer requires from their footwear, something an adidas women's skateboarding trainer gives you. Whatever your style, from shoe to boot, women's skateboarding trainers are designed to look great and feel comfy, so they don't interfere with your ride on the board. Some of the latest technologies used in sportswear are deployed in adidas women's skateboarding trainers, including breathable fabrics to keep your feet cool and lightweight but durable soles for maximum grip when it counts. All with the iconic 3-Stripes or Trefoil to show the world you are a serious skater.

Street Respect

Skateboarding trainers for women from adidas have been an essential part of the skaters kit since the early days of using empty swimming pools as a skatepark back in the 1940s. Surfing the streets and pulling tricks in the sunshine, these early pioneers understood the need for quality footwear every bit as much as the top athletes in other disciplines like football and basketball. Grip, comfort and durability, these are the requirements for achieving your goals. From dropping in on the transition to grinding the rail, looking cool and feeling great go hand in hand when pushing to be the Queen of the park.

Step into your spirit

Wearing a pair of adidas women's skateboarding trainers is more than just putting on a quality pair of shoes. The history of the brand in the whole street subculture scene means when you wear the 3-Stripes or the Trefoil, you are donning the iconic symbols that tell everyone else you are a real skater. This is where you will find your confidence to tower over the vert and conquer the pipe.