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The right gym equipment and accessories ensure that you get the most out of your workout routine and perform at your maximum potential. The adidas range of gym accessories has all you need to get there and get the work done in style.


After finding the gym boring, Fiorella discovered she actually loves working out when a friend invited her to join a fun online workout class. She wears leggings with a high waist to hug her body, a sports bra to keep everything in place and layers that she’ll take off as the class advances.

“I love wearing leggings the higher the waist the better, so they hold my hips and hug my body. I also wear a sports bra, there is nothing worse than exercising and noticing everything is moving everywhere.”


Women Training Black 4ATHLTS GlovesWomen Training Black 4ATHLTS Gloves

4ATHLTS Gloves

Women Training

Training White Glam 3-Stripes Cushioned Crew Sport Socks 3 PairsTraining White Glam 3-Stripes Cushioned Crew Sport Socks 3 Pairs

Glam 3-Stripes Cushioned Crew Sport Socks 3 Pairs


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Gym accessories

When it comes to offering premium gym accessories, adidas has some of the best products you could ever find. From gym bags and crossbody bags to socks and caps, you’re assured of their excellent design, construction and sturdiness. In this selection you’ll find workout gear items like gym bags, which you can take with you to your gym workouts and elsewhere. We have backpacks that can store your gym essentials, like water bottles, towels, fresh clothing and cash. Many of our gym backpacks have adjustable, padded shoulder straps that provide great support, comfort and on-the-fly adjustability. You can even choose a backpack with ventilated shoulder straps for unmatched cooling and comfort for your shoulders. Some of our backpacks also have front zip pockets and dedicated side storage space for an umbrella or sports bottle. There also models with a durable TPE-coated base that resists water, while other models have a laptop compartment, which makes the bags ideal for the office or school as well. Style-wise, our backpacks sport iconic adidas design details such as the Badge of Sport or the 3-Stripes – perfect for fans of a world-class sports-centred brand.

Get serious with your workouts

Our line of training accessories also includes duffel bags for more intensive sessions at the gym. We have convertible bags that allow for seamless transition from backpack to duffel bag and vice versa. Some models have a ventilated compartment that stores a pair of shoes, while others come in small, medium and large options to suit different training requirements. These bags carry anywhere between 25 and 75 litres of your essential gym gear.

Complete your gym accessories

adidas has other gym accessories to help you complete your gym gear. Socks of different sizes and designs (no-show, ankle, crew and knee-length) are available, as well as crossbody bags that can hold a few gym essentials and small items. You could also cop one of our premium gym sacks with adjustable drawcords, or get one of our caps, hair bands, beanies, neck warmers, yoga mats or water bottles. Browse the collection to find your perfect gym accessories.