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Drawstring bags

If you're constantly on the move, one of these lightweight adidas drawstring bags is just what you need. Practical and fashionable, they're perfect for when you're heading to the gym or sports field. Enjoy the ease of quickly tightening the strings and being on your way without the hassle of getting straps over your back. Models feature signature adidas details such as the Trefoil logo and Badge of Sport to deliver an athletic appearance. Throw a drawstring bag over your shoulder and hit the streets with refreshed energy.

Pack the lot without a second thought

The adidas collection of drawstring bags predominantly uses polyester plain weave as the main fabric for the pouch. Boasting pound-for-pound strength that's hard for other materials to match, the bags are durable and can comfortably carry a heavy load. The synthetic structure also means they can be taken out in the rain without a worry. Despite their considerable strength, drawstring bags remain light and are easy to pack down. There are even models that can be packed down and worn as a bum bag. Get kitted out and appreciate the convenience of being prepared.

Customised to your taste

Drawstring bags are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your day-to-day activities. Some bags have a versatile nature with the strings able to be looped around the shoulders and ribs to sit like a backpack, while other designs include practical side zip pockets. Spacious compartments allow you to carry everything you'll need for an outing. Smaller styles hover around 12 L of volume while larger ones extend beyond 17 L. The drawcords of adidas drawstring bags can be fastened with bungee closures so that all your valuables stay secure inside. There are also models that feature a tough second skin of synthetic leather, giving a sophisticated appearance and additional sturdiness.