Leather Upper Trainers

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Leather trainers

Grab a pair of leather trainers from adidas and get the right look that will seamlessly fit into your lifestyle. This fashionable and iconic street-wear draws its inspiration from the design cues of the classic runner shoes, crafted for speed. These trainers help to put your best foot forward without compromising on comfort and style, where even the workouts have got a lot more convenient. Rugged with striking designs that come along with a super shock absorption system giving a feather-light feeling while you are busy at running, or even toning your muscles. Giving these runner shoes a timeless and a luxury feel, the perforated leather on the upper combines fashion and utility.

Add the right trainer shoes to your collection each skilfully crafted for an essential purpose to suit you

Optimising the delivery of performance with safety and style, these leather trainers have a tough rubber outsole and a foam-light cushioned EVA midsole insert to support your entire foot. These authentic shoes draw inspiration from the archival designs that come with a lace closure, giving them a snug fit. Keeping you fit and trendy with the ever-changing fashion, these trainers complete your look for any occasion. A daily-wear shoe that is lightweight and packs down neatly so that you do not miss your morning jogs, even while holidaying. Made from the best quality of premium perforated leather, these shoes come in a wide range of designs and vibrant colours.

Bring out the fashionista in you with these ultra-sleek leather trainers

Staying true to the well-designed shape and material, these leather trainers are making a great comeback with that unmistakable adidas touch to them. Whether you are preparing for a match, a jog, or styling up for a musical show, these trainers provide the right comfort and flexibility to keep you alert throughout a variety of bustling activities. Available in different colours, overlays, and cushioning for men, women, and kids, these leather trainers keep your feet fresh and odour-free, as adidas never lets you down when it comes to performance and security.