Mens Zip Up Hoodies

The latest sporting technology and materials create a men's zip up hoodie that's as comfortable for warm-ups as it is to wear socially. Breathable, moisture-absorbing fabrics sustain cooling airflow and sweat dispersion.

Zip up hoodies for men

Keeping your muscles warm is is a must if you want to avoid injuries, and throwing on an adidas zip up hoodie for men is the perfect way to achieve this. Tailored for maximum comfort, zip up hoodies for men are designed to look good as you rest after a hard workout. Classic styles using the iconic 3-Stripes create a sporty look that is comfortable and easy to wear. The wealth of experience that adidas brings to the creation of these zip up hoodies authenticates the quality of the sportswear, giving you the aura of a player that really knows what they are doing. The fabrics used have been chosen for their durable and flexible qualities. The designs are strong, with dynamic colours, choices and lines that hang effortlessly on your frame.

A casual look with a determined edge

From professionals to eager amateur enthusiasts, choosing a sporty lifestyle does not mean forgoing clothing style. Looking good as well as being functional is why adidas zip up hoodies are the right fashion choice for you. Along with the comfortable and durable nature of men’s zip up hoodies, adidas have infused their own heritage as advocates of street fashion subculture by creating a classic look that transcends generations. From older sportsmen to rising hip-hop stars, wearing a men’s zip up hoodie emblazoned with the adidas logo is an indicator that you are serious about your look and your life choices. Feel confident and comfortable before and after your workout.

Heads-up play

With adidas zip up hoodies for men, you are choosing to follow in the footsteps of sporting giants and cultural legends. A classic style that will never grow old and always look fresh. A garment that matches your lifestyle and allows your personality to shine.