Mens Weightlifting Gear

Channel your strength for a new personal best with adidas men’s weightlifting gear. Get set for another huge rep in Powerlift shoes that lock you in and deliver secure traction and a solid foundation. Shop all weightlifting gear here.

adidas Men's Weightlifting Clothes & Shoes

Step onto the platform ready to perform in men's weightlifting clothes and shoes from adidas. Whether it's competition day, PR day or a day to focus on form, men's weightlifting gear from adidas is designed to help you be your best. Make the commitment and dedicate yourself to getting stronger. Settle under the barbell and commit to going below parallel on squats, or feel the power of a full hip extension on cleans. Land solidly in full snatches or heavy jerks. Whatever you do, you'll feel stable and secure under heavy loads in men's lifting shoes.

Weightlifting shoes with a stacked heel provide a secure base for squats, cleans and deadlifts and put you in an optimal position for all your lifts. Textile uppers hug the foot and have a flexible forefoot and extra room in the toe box so your feet can comfortably splay. A hook-and-loop strap over laces gives your foot a stable, locked-down feel. A rubber outsole grips the mat or the hardwood to keep your feet firmly planted. You know you've got this. Load up the barbell with confidence. Check out the best in men's weightlifting clothes and shoes when you visit adidas.