Mens Green Pants

Lush creativity is rare, so show yours off in adidas men’s green pants. With shades of olive and shamrock to camo patterns made to stand out, you’ll make a statement in your next signature look.

These men’s green trousers and chinos will become your best friend

Some things in life are just made for each other and the colour green and adidas are a perfect example of that. The iconic colourway is back to grace trousers and chinos for men that want to add a splash of colour on their outfit. Our men’s green trousers and chinos selection is taking street style to the next level whilst staying true to the 3-Stripes legacy. Expect a comfortable fit, feathery feel, adjustable waist and materials that last and endure anything and everything you put them through. Adjustable insulation, relaxed fit drapes and elastic cuffs make up a long list of groundbreaking features that will make your jaw drop. Trousers or chinos, the pick is yours.

Time to step outside your comfort zone

To one day show up in green pants when you’ve been a black and blue kind of guy your whole life, takes a lot of guts. The men’s green trousers and chinos line by adidas is what you need to be looking at to take the first step. Bold yet stylish, these bottoms are the ideal way to step outside your comfort zone and ramp it up. Perfect for a sporty or smart casual look, they will quickly win you over and make you want to wear them on every chance you get. The soft materials and smooth fit coupled with the easy-on-the-eye green are the ingredients to a product you’ll fall in love and never want to take off.

Paint the town green with this dazzling pair of trousers

The beauty of these trousers is that they serve your needs, whatever those might be. The emblematic colourway, incomparable outline and unrivalled fit make this piece of clothing the ace upon your sleeve. Open your wardrobe, pull the chinos out and your outfit already has character, identity and direction. The men’s green trousers and chinos rarely steal the show in a man’s clothing ensemble but you better be prepared for the attention and compliments that will come your way.