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Football Balls

Football starts with one thing: the ball. But only once you have mastered control of the ball have you mastered the game. Touch, shape, movement, flight and construction all affect how well you can command the game, taking your ball control to the next level. Whether you just want to kick a ball around in the backyard or play at professional league level, adidas has various types of football balls to suit your style of play.

adidas has continued to put a lot of effort into developing items that are better for athletes, ensuring that they provide improved and consistent flight performance. The adidas soccer ball is the perfect gift for any soccer player, as it has a unique design that makes it easy to handle. It comes in various colours and designs, so it's perfect whether you're a pro or just starting out. These user-friendly functions on the adidas soccer ball provide a fun and easy way to play with your friends, family and peers.

All-inclusive practice balls

adidas soccer balls make a great addition to any game or practice session. What really sets an adidas soccer ball apart from other brands is its durability since it can handle even some of the toughest conditions without sacrificing performance or style. Whether it's playing in rain or shine, mud or snow, the adidas soccer ball won't let you down. An adidas soccer ball is also very easy to clean. Just give them a quick wipe after each use with a damp cloth and they'll be ready for action again in no time.

Built to be durable, adidas football balls are made with synthetic materials that work well on almost any field. They come in different sizes suited for all skill levels, from juniors still learning the game to experienced players wanting to practise every day. These practice balls are made with strong resilience for beginners while more advanced players could still use them for recreational purposes. Slightly heavier, they’re perfect for use on hard turf fields. These football balls feature machine stitching, an eye-catching visual difference that separates adidas match balls from training balls.

Training balls to master your footwork

For those players looking to take their passion to the next level, it’s important to train with a football ball like the one used on match day. Your techniques for passing, shooting and general footwork will be affected when using lighter balls. These training balls are made with premium bladder latex and meet the standards for club, high school and university teams.

The adidas soccer ball is of unmatched superior quality and performance. adidas soccer balls feature a unique construction featuring high-grade rubber bladder technology, to provide excellent touch and feel, while their thermally bonded panels ensure maximum flight stability on the field. With its signature 3-Stripes design, you can be sure that your soccer ball will stand out from all others on the pitch.

World Cup-worthy balls

adidas has created World Cup-worthy balls with only the highest quality technologies that are used by elite football players in stadiums around the world. These football balls are designed with quality covering, backing and bladder, with some also featuring the threadless, seamless, bevelled technology (TSBE), which creates a seamless surface touch. The technology allows you to stay in absolute control with less water uptake. Not only are these balls created with the latest leading technologies, but they also have to pass strict shape, weight, performance-rebound and water absorption tests enforced by FIFA. Most of these training and pro-league balls are FIFA-approved, meaning you can train with them just like a champion.

soccer balls Frequently Asked Questions

Leather balls were used widely until the late 1980s, when they were predominantly replaced by balls made of synthetic materials with similar qualities.
It is not clear who invented the very first football ball. The game has roots dating as far back as 4 millennia, with football-like ball games being played in ancient China, Greece and Rome. A football ball itself was mentioned for the first time in an English medieval book dating back to 1486.