adidas Disney Collection

Be your own hero with the adidas × Disney™ collaboration! Featuring limited edition clothing with all your favourites such as Mickey Mouse and Princesses, show your love for all things adidas Disney.
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Disney rucksacks

Keep all of your children’s favourite items in a bag that they’ll want to take everywhere. Providing plenty of space and a comfortable wear, Disney rucksacks will become a staple when leaving the house. Kids love the colourful designs and parents appreciate the day-to-day practicality, making it a win for everyone. The bags feature prints of your kids’ favourite characters from the movies we all know and love. Give them the gift of imagination by bringing their animated friends to life. Whether it’s off to school or the park, watch them strap up and head outside with an energetic spirit.

Forget about strain

The last thing we want for our children is for them to feel weighed down. This collection of Disney rucksacks ensures the load stays off their shoulders and is evenly distributed. Straps are strategically designed to deliver optimal comfort. The bags sit flush on the back and can be worn for long periods, making outdoor walks and adventures a lot easier. You’ll also find that Disney rucksacks are loaded with interior compartments to keep items separated. No longer will you have to worry about having to put lunch and stinky sports clothes right on top of each other. Featuring a roomy interior with what will seem like unlimited space, you won’t have to pick and choose what’s packed each day.

A special accessory for every kid

Browse the range to discover the Disney rucksack that best suits your youngster. With a broad variety of styles and colours available, there’s sure to be one that matches their personality. Adjustable straps mean that they can be easily fitted and worn by a spread of ages, they can even be shared between siblings. Disney Rucksacks give children something to be excited about every time they have to pack, making life smoother for parents. Kids have an extra pep in their step when they have their favourite Disney characters behind them.