adidas Classics Football Shoes


adidas Classics Football Boots

The boots found in the collection of adidas classics football boots have soles specially designed to accommodate different playing surfaces and help improve a player’s performance and agility. adidas classics football boots stand out for their great fit, providing the right traction and integrated features that keep your feet supremely comfortable. Be ready to play any time the opportunity arises.

Pick adidas classics football boots to fit your playing style

Football boots should provide a comfortable and secure fit, and you may also want to choose a style that suits the surface you play on the most often. There are several sole types to consider when you’re hunting a pair of football boots. For playing on firm surfaces with natural grass, you may want to consider football boots with polyurethane outsoles. Rubber outsoles, on the other hand, offer enhanced stability on hard indoor surfaces and are non-marking to protect flooring. There are also typically some football boots with TPU outsoles that have changeable screw-in studs that make it possible to use one pair of adidas classics football boots to accommodate different playing surfaces.

Add comfort to your game with adidas classics football boots

adidas football boots are available with a variety of comfort features that help protect your feet and that can help enhance your control over the ball. Hybrid styles from adidas combine the most popular features of two or more other adidas classics football boots. Some popular features that are offered in some styles include leather uppers that are soft and comfortable and soft, quick-drying synthetic linings. Lightweight die-cut EVA insoles to cushion the sole of the foot and distribute pressure from studs evenly for comfort are also integrated into some football boots while others contain a moulded EVA insole that supportively cradles the foot.