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The world record breaking adizero franchise is here.

adidas adizero Running Shoes


adidas Adizero means one thing; performance. With cutting-edge materials and carefully researched designs, don’t just push the boundaries, run through them with Adizero running shoes and clothing.

Legacy meets cutting-edge technology and innovation. adizero Adios Pro 2 is a symbol of adidas’ ambition to constantly evolve elite performance running footwear. It is developed with insights and data by some of the fastest athletes in the world in order to create the ideal race shoe for runners.
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Athlete's running
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Top of the line in running shoes, the adidas adizero will give you the edge over your competitors with its speedy design and specialised sports technology. The extremely breathable upper, embracing foot support and cushioned midsole run with you. Giving back the spring in each step, minimising foot movement and keeping you cool, all you need to do is run your best run. With adidas adizero’s customised lacing options for a perfect fit and the engineered foot grip, you will never feel out of control. Running in the pouring rain or blazing heat, wet asphalt, or rocky terrain adidas adizero will keep your feet on the ground.


When exploring the adidas Adizero range you are faced with a wide variety of colours and design features. Each shoe is superbly styled, packed with new technology and each with a slight twist tailored for your specific needs. For example, if it is swiftness you are after, the adidas Boston 10 (as with the adidas Boston 8 and 9) were created with breaking PRs in mind. A real racing shoe, the fast run feel will impress from the minute you step on the track. For those who like their runners ultra-light, adidas adios and adizero Pro have a single mesh upper which will give you a near weightless foot feeling as you run. If the tennis court is more your speed, the adizero tennis shoe can be a little more responsive for those dynamic cross court moves. Whatever your style, your goals, or your requirements, the adidas adizero has your course covered.