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Simple yet sophisticated casual shoes in our women's sliders and flip flops sale

A variety of shades, designs and styles are available on promotion and at discount prices in our women's sliders and flip flops sale. We have everything from the simple and functional sporty one-piece moulded sliders to retro inspired flip flops and advanced sliders for water sports, so you can choose the ones that are best suited to your activity. Our most plush sliders have extra cushioning in their footbeds, with our super soft Cloudfoam Plus embedded inside their contours. Extra comfort comes from the textile inner lining of their wide bandage straps. Our swim slides are moulded from a single piece of EVA for ease of use. They’re lightweight and have quick-drying uppers, so they won’t stay damp for long after you’ve been in the water. They make excellent paddling shoes on the seashore as well. If you want more sophisticated designs, choose ones with embellished 3-Stripes motifs, multiple colours with highlighted accents.

A women's sliders and flip flops outlet that has all you need

You’ll find some great offers and deals in our women's sliders and flip flop sales, so you’ll be able to pick up a few pairs for different uses. Slip them on after a gym workout to shower in, and then wear them with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt when you leave. You can hang out casually in them too – they make great summer leisure wear from coffee shops to backyard entertaining with friends. Serious athletes can choose models that have contoured footbeds with gentle massage tips embedded to give your soles soothing relief when you’ve been running or training in the gym. Maintenance and care couldn’t be easier. You can easily wipe them clean or remove more stubborn stains simply by putting then into a normal washing machine cycle. Our women sliders and flip flops outlet offers versatility, ease of use and great value for money clearance promotions.