Soft ground rugby boots

Find soft ground rugby shoes that are designed to enhance your performance. Wide, textured insteps offer premium ball control for kicks, while studded out-soles let you bring power to the scrum.

How do I choose the right soft ground rugby shoe?

Offering superior grip and traction to guarantee stability on the field, adidas soft ground rugby shoes are suitable for playing outdoors through most of the rugby season in the UK. The right rugby boots will depend on the position you play. For forwards, shoes should be more durable, have more traction and offer plenty of ankle support. Rugby shoes for backs and kickers tend to be more lightweight for sprinting, with a specially designed upper for better ball control. Soft ground rugby shoes are made for soft, natural surfaces, particularly when pitches are muddy and wet after rainfall.

Get optimal performance and traction with adidas rugby shoes for soft ground

adidas has a wide range of soft ground rugby shoes for men, women and juniors that meet the regulations and standards set by World Rugby. Designs are built for backs and forwards to suit the needs of each position. Some boots offer a stable platform for weaving and kicking, with asymmetrical laces for a clean striking area and raised dots to enhance ball control. Others have a hard-wearing upper for stability and an 8-stud soft-ground outsole for plenty of traction. Uppers are constructed from knit textile, synthetic material or natural leather. 

adidas rugby training essentials

While comfortable soft ground rugby boots are an essential item in your kit, the clothes you wear to training are important too. The adidas collection of rugby training gear includes a matching shorts and t-shirt set inspired by the kit worn by top teams. Choose from the wide selection of moisture-wicking adidas rugby t-shirts and jerseys emblazoned with team and sponsorship logos like your favourite team. Your rugby shorts should be durable and lightweight but fit tightly. Add a pair of knee-high 3-Stripes socks and an oversized hoodie and you're ready for the game.