Running Clothing & Gear

The right running clothes help you dig deep and conquer your route - whether urban, track or trail. adidas has a huge range of running clothes for everyone, whatever your age, size or running experience.
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Conquer your route with running clothing

After you've found your perfect pair of trainers, it's time to put together a winning combination of running clothing. The latest selection from adidas includes all the apparel you could need, whether it's for your daily jog around the block or the next marathon you have marked on your calendar. From tank tops and shorts for summer sprints to skin-tight thermals for those wintry workouts, you can find running clothes that suit both your climate and your style right here.

Running clothes: find your style

Running is a pure and universal activity, however no two runners have exactly the same needs. For this reason, adidas has updated its running clothes collection to include a wide variety of fits, styles, designs and colours, meaning you can find exactly what you want when you need it. If you want some extra support while you run, look out for Alphaskin leggings and base layers that offer an adaptive fit without restricting the natural movement of your body. For unbeatable moisture absorption, make sure your running clothes are Aeroready to ensure a cool and dry workout. Meanwhile, the Own The Run range lets you do exactly that with apparel that will have you feeling and running at your very best.

From daily jogs to the big day

Running clothing from adidas is made for all runners, whatever your level. For casual runners or those who simply want to enjoy reliable apparel with iconic 3-Stripes style, you can put together a combination that’s easy to take care of and won't let you down. For serious athletes, from 100m sprinters to long-distance runners, you can also find tops and bottoms that will enhance your technique and allow you to make marginal gains from the first heats to the medals podium. For everyone in between: adidas has got what you need.

Running Clothing & Gear Frequently Asked Questions

The best clothes for running will depend on the temperature and weather conditions you are running in, but you should always focus on clothes that provide comfort, durability, and flexibility. You should also look for running clothing designed to be breathable, reflective and chafe-free. Synthetic materials will provide the best quick-drying, moisture-wicking and heat retention capabilities while remaining lightweight and unrestrictive. Another benefit of these materials is they offer good protection from weather conditions, moisture and wear and tear from various terrains. Don’t forget to look for storage pockets that can fit essential items without disrupting your workout.
While cotton can be comfortable for short runs, it is not an ideal fabric to run in because it traps moisture against the skin, which can lead to skin irritation, blistering and chafing. Plus, the added absorption causes you to feel hot & sweaty in warm conditions and cold & damp in lower temperatures. To make matters worse, cotton is typically heavier than synthetic materials and the weight increases dramatically when wet. It’s also a very slow-drying material and does not offer the same performance properties as synthetic fibers.