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Declare your love for rugby with rugby trousers by adidas

Rugby trousers are a must for any player or fan who wants to show off their passion for the game while off the field. Whether you're looking for a pair of pants to wear when watching a rugby game or one you can relax in after a training session, this selection by adidas has a variety of styles to suit all tastes. Pick between a regular cut, a fitted style or a pair of pants with tapered legs, then choose the colour that matches your personality, whether you prefer going for the classics or a funkier option.

Rugby pants built for comfort and style

Comfort off the rugby field is as important as when you're playing, especially after an intense game. Thanks to the use of advanced designs and technologies, this selection of rugby trousers will ensure relaxation and relief for your aching muscles. The use of doubleknit fabric will sit soft on your skin while giving you an extra layer of protection, the addition of a drawcord on the inside of the waistband will give you control and allow you to reach perfection when it comes to the fit, while the use of ribbing around the ankles will help keep your pants stable even when you run around energetically.

Choose the pair that's best for you and for the planet

Your ideal pair of rugby pants is one that presents design details to enhance your time out and about. If you want to keep a few items within easy reach look for a style with pockets, and for added security find a pair with zip pockets that allow you to lock in your wallet or keys. Those wishing to help the planet will love styles that have been designed with recycled polyester as it means they're helping with the reduction of waste on the planet.