Purple Backpacks


Purple backpacks

Options abound in purple backpacks made by adidas and there is one for every need you have. Sometimes you want your regular large backpack and other times you really only want a small backpack. All sorts of styles, including top flaps, roll tops, and crossbody designs offer a purple backpack to carry your adidas clothing and other sports gear or whatever you might need during your day. Stylish purple backpacks from adidas give you practical fashion while hauling stuff around in a stylish Trefoil way. It doesn’t matter if you’re packing for work or a weekend out of town, adidas purple backpacks are going to keep your things safe and keep you in sporty style.

Cool bags for everyone

Avoid feeling like you're that person with the not so cool bag and pick yours from our range of excellent choices that won’t break the bank. The distinctive street-chic of adidas backpacks provides you with a shout of purple for all the right reasons. Who ever said that utilitarian items have to be boring? That certainly is not the case with a purple backpack made by adidas. Putting your things together and zipping up your plans will be a lot more fun when you’re heading out the door in a flash of purple.

Backpacks for all the days

Your life is eventful. So much so that some days you may pack more than one bag before you hit the road. You might need your workout bag and another with an extra pair of duds for a date. Maybe you’re catching a train to work with your briefcase and your large backpack for the rest of your day. Or perhaps you’re heading on an adventure for the weekend. A small backpack stowed away inside a large backpack is always a great option when sightseeing, so you can carry every treasure you find. Wherever you are going, purple backpacks offer the high-quality construction you’ve come to love and the function you need. Sometime you realise that adidas just gets you.