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Upgrade your workouts with a performance sports bum bag

Look no further than the adidas range of performance sports bum bags for the most practical, stylish and comfortable accessory to your workouts. Whether you have to carry everything you need for long-distance endurance runs, just the bare essentials on your nightly power walk around the park, or even find a cool addition to your adidas streetwear, you can be sure to find the right design for you.

A useful, comfortable and modern training accessory

An endurance athlete needs fuel, that's why these performance sports bum bags are ideal for those who know no limits. Keep your energy sources close at hand and access them whilst on the move through easy to open, top slip-in pockets. If you prefer to train at night, you can find bum bags with reflective details to help keep you safe on the road. Their streamlined feel and adjustable belt straps made from flexible elastane with netted backing ensure optimum ventilated comfort, so much so that you'll barely be able to feel it around your waist. Find room for your keys, mobile phone and credit card in there too, all together in one place so that you can focus on what's ahead without having to worry about checking your pockets every other mile.

Inject some fresh fashion into your workout wardrobe

These performance sports bum bags come in a variety of sizes to suit your workout needs and are perfect not just for running, but for other endurance sports like cycling, rowing and skiing. They also look great, making them a great streetwear accessory that's practical too. Look out for larger sizes that can hold everything you need on your trip to work, to the shops or to the gym. No matter which performance sports bum bag you choose, you can be sure to find comfort, practicality and style in them all.