Men's Rain Jackets

Stay dry, warm and active with our stylish selection of men's rain jackets. They’re perfect for keeping up your training routine when the bad weather hits, or just for making your way to work, and as they come in a wide range of sizes and colors, there’s something for everyone. Depending on which one you choose, adidas rain jackets for men are either made using GORE-TEX or RAIN.RDY waterproof membranes. If you’re a fan of long hikes in all weathers then you’re in luck, as we have a large selection of men’s raincoats for hiking. Similarly if you’re dreaming of hitting the slopes then you’ll find plenty of winter sports rain jackets for men, as well as for running, soccer and other sports. Go seamless for full waterproof coverage, or insulated for extra warmth. Keep moving and stay dry.

Men’s rain jackets—a drizzle is no excuse anymore

Swing on one of our men’s rain jackets and brave the rain for your outdoor training. Available in different colours and warmth levels, you can get the ideal companion for your outdoor needs. Regardless of whether you go for an aerodynamic windbreaker design or a padded winter jacket, they all have anti-rain technology in common that keeps you warm and dry when you face drizzle, rain, or snow. Made of breathable fabric, some of our products manage to keep you dry whilst also guiding the sweat away from you and fit like a second skin for the ultimate feel. Stand-up collars keep the wind at bay and reflective details ensure safety when you go for a run on the street.

Find the perfect fit in the rain coats we offer for him

Enjoy a second-skin fit without feeling locked in provided by the regular fit with ample shoulder space. The feather-like fabric does the rest in supporting your performance instead of dragging you down. Even our padded products for boisterous winter days feature lightweight padding that keeps you toasty while ensuring your run can be up to your usual standards. Regulate the heat with the adjustable heat insulation some of our products boast, whereas added hoods keep your head dry as well. Adjustable drawcords at the hems allow you to regulate heat efficiently, and shut out the wind if a strong breeze is your challenge of the day.

Pocket your essentials and go

Sometimes you and the outdoors just want to be on your own—and we get it. With big zip-up pockets you can store your key essentials when you embark on an adventure, just you and nature. If you prefer to have some music with you as you brave the rain, we have men’s rain jackets with inserted headphone channels that lead from the pocket up to your ears—so not only you, but also your headphones stay protected in challenging weather conditions.