Knee Length Socks


adidas knee high socks

adidas knee high socks are designed, engineered and manufactured to the same stringent quality, performance and comfort standards as every other item in the adidas range. Performance is enhanced if knee high socks are designed with specific left-foot and right-foot shaping, because it is attention to this level of detail (along with reinforced toes and heels, the cushioned footbed and the carefully graded Technofit compression values) that give adidas knee high socks the edge. Detailed design features are complemented by the use of carefully chosen materials. Polyester, nylon - including nylon recovered from recycled fishing nets - and elastane are the three €˜ingredients' that our fabric technologists use as a starting point. The magic happens when they are blended in the right proportions to create a breathable, stretchy, limb-hugging fabric of maximum strength and minimum weight that is washable and quick-drying - and, in the case of weightlifting socks, blister-resistant too. Some adidas knee high socks include mesh panels inserted to increase airflow without compromising the level of compression afforded by the high-performance materials. These have been specially created to serve with an anti-slip function, hugging the leg and supporting blood flow to the muscles without constricting or pinching at any point on the lower leg or foot.

adidas style and the recognition factor

Some adidas knee high socks are produced to match the home and away strips as worn on the pitch by many internationally famous football teams, but the extensive range also includes socks in many colourways that don't align with specific teams. The distinctive 3-Stripes is to be seen on the ribbed cuff of most of the adidas knee high socks range and some of the generic training socks without the fold-over cuff sport the famous adidas Badge of Sport on the shin just above the ankle.