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Indoor shoes

Nothing should stop you from conquering the play. For a champion, the surface cannot be the limit. You have no reason to let your performance drop, whether you are playing outdoor or indoor. While the conventional spikes deliver on the grass or dirt, the indoor shoes push you to your best on indoor surfaces. From glass to wood to artificial surfaces, these shoes boost your performance beyond anticipation. The midfoot wrap ensures a solid fit and the outsole is specifically designed to enhance your grip and traction on the surface. Made of the adidas Samba material, these shoes are extra strong and durable. In addition to these exclusive features, the indoor shoes possess the adidas DNA and maintain adidas standards for comfort and style. The sweat-wicking attribute and mesh design for ventilation keeps you dry, cool, and prevent any unpleasant odour. These indoor cleats are specifically designed for excellent footwork. The indoor shoes from adidas are engineered with a mesh upper and perforated outsole to provide you with paced and swift movements for returns and exchanges. The feather-light feel raises the comfort level and eliminates after-burns. The flexible knitting adjusts with your natural foot movement and provides exceptional balance in turning and pivoting. No matter what surface you play on, these indoor shoes ensure superb performance and unmatched style in your play.

Blend indoor shoes with your style and boost your performance

Whether you play squash, table tennis, hockey, soccer, handball, or any other indoor sport, the indoor shoes from adidas suit everyone's calls and tastes. Swift movements, sudden turns, and pivotal spins make the indoor games exciting and thrilling. This is what these cleats are designed for. You can find different colours and patterns to match with your sports outfit and build a character. You can also give an individual touch to some models with adidas personalisation tools. No matter what your sport of choice is, adidas indoor shoes are amazing; unification of style and comfort which fuse with your spirit seamlessly.