Grey Sports Caps


Grey caps

Our grey caps are suitable for a wide range of sports, including running, golf, football and basketball. The selection is vast and you’ll be able to find the right cap for your needs. Inject some style into your outfit with one of these stylish grey caps. We have reflective caps especially made for running. Our recycled caps are innovative and have adjustable straps to fit any size head. The flexible brim is easy to adjust. You’ll love our grey caps designed for sports. They can be used at weekends for casual wear or to give you relief from the sun on hot days.

How to style

Pair one of our grey caps with an adidas tracksuit, pair of socks and trainers, or shorts and tee in cooler weather. With various bold prints and designs or more subtle designs, we will have ones to suit your preference. Add one of these to your summer wardrobe to give you shade and style. Our basketball cap is made of soft cotton canvas and has an adjustable back strap for a custom fit. You’ll notice our coloured Trefoil branding on the caps, which go well with the grey colour of the cap. Our golf caps are made of durable fabric that holds its shape for the entire round. A leather strap with an adjuster adds style to the garment. Keep cool and invest in one of our caps made for sports and you’ll be feeling comfortable after your round of golf and ready to head to the clubhouse or to the bar after your match. The brim won’t restrict your view when doing a spot of spectating. These grey caps make excellent all-round staple items that can be worn time and time again, year after year. Enjoy our caps that cleverly enhance and guide your motion. Treat yourself to an essential cap this season and look magnificent when wearing it.