Green Gym Leggings

Project the ultifriend cool, healthy image when stepping up to workout in adidas green tights and leggings. One of the most versatile and popular work out garments, leggings are the answer to every sporting solution. Whether you burn your calories on the treadmill, in the yoga studio or by playing team sports, add green tights and leggings to your capsule training wardrobe for a breath of fresh air. From olive to teal, sage, forest and more, green tights and leggings come in a variety of colors and cuts. Look for high-waisted variants to flatten tums and elongate legs, three-quarters for ankle exposure and even bicycle shorts in this vast collection of green tights and leggings. When boring is not an option, add green leggings to the mix and let your outfit pop with energy.

Green tights and leggings

From olive shades to darker greens as well as camouflage, you’ll be able to find the hue you prefer in the adidas range of green tights and leggings. Eco-conscious designers have even thought of using environmentally friendly materials, avoiding waste by featuring recycled polyester as a main fabric and helping to solve today’s prominent issue of destructive ocean plastic by cleverly incorporating recycled plastic waste material into the leggings. Tell all your friends about this innovative detail and they’re sure to be impressed by more than just your edgy new look. The technologies used in our green tights and leggings include fabric that gives you that locked-in feeling around your muscles, and a compression fit which concentrates your muscles' energy to use maximum power and deliver fast acceleration and lengthy endurance. What more could you want in a tight or legging? These green tights and leggings really do speak for themselves. Not only will they feel snug, but they also allow you to give an incredible performance. Be amazed when you see the results for yourself.

Where to wear?

This selection of green tights and leggings will be your perfect companion for fitness classes, training sessions and going out for a run. Take a look at our quirky and on-trend asymmetrical leggings that are made with super-stretchy elastane and have elastic hips for comfort and hold – you won’t have to worry about them shifting and sliding anywhere during your workout. Why not check out our celebrity design collaborations for a sleek look? Sweatproof designs won’t leave you feeling embarrassed, but instead you’ll remain cool in our green tights and leggings. Delight in the knowledge that you can wear these garments year after year, thanks to their impressive durability and sustainability. Give yourself a well-deserved new look this season with a pair of these tights or leggings.