Burgundy Jackets

Look sharp and stay protected from whatever the weather throws at you with one of our burgundy jackets. Choose from a range of different designs, as well suited to running in the cold weather and training on the field as heading down to the shops.

Burgundy jackets

Stay protected from the elements with one of these trendy jackets. Sure to add a new element to your wardrobe, adidas burgundy jackets have an understated athletic vibe and are engineered for performance and comfort. Throw one of over the top of your workout gear or work clothes and you’ll instantly feel ready to tackle anything in your path. These versatile designs are modern and well-suited to a variety of social settings, meaning outfit changes are a thing of the past. Browse the collection and find the shade that is right for you, with popular tones including maroon, midnight red and magenta.

Designed to keep you warm and comfy

Regardless of whether you’re heading out for a jog or down to the shops, these burgundy jackets will have you feeling snug. Many of the models are made with nylon or polyester ripstop which are reinforced to prevent tears. The interwoven fabrics are lightweight and have fantastic strength. adidas burgundy jackets with lining offer additional insulation and feature polyester and duck down materials. Put one on with the confidence of knowing you’ll feel protected even if the conditions change.

Choose from a range of styles

Get ahead of the curve with a burgundy jacket that corresponds to your daily activities. The adidas selection includes winter jackets, rain jackets, windbreakers, sports jackets and down jackets. All are engineered to deliver optimal comfort in varying circumstances. Rain jackets have a water-repellent coating to keep you dry all day long, while sports jackets boast breathable designs that improve ventilation. adidas burgundy jackets are made with sports performance in mind, with designs tailored to the demands of running, skiing and outdoor adventure. Reflective models ensure you stay noticeable in the dark and make for ideal night-time cycling gear. Some styles have comprehensive hoods to cover you when the rain sets in, while others feature sophisticated collars that offer a touch of class. Blending hip streetwear with sleek, sporty silhouettes, adidas delivers an effortlessly casual look.