Blue · Samba


Make a statement with blue Samba shoes

adidas has returned to its iconic lines and brought back an all-time classic shoe in the form of its blue Samba shoes from the Samba Super Suede range. With a look strongly inspired by football and slightly modified to make them trendy favourites to wear out and about, these shoes with their soft suede uppers and the light cushioning of the EVA midsole are ideal for street wear style. The contrast of navy and the iconic white adidas Trefoil and 3-Stripes on the sides, heel and tongue add class to any wardrobe.

Blue Sambas bringing old school style and class

Wanting to add a little something special to your casual weekend look and be the envy of your friends? These blue shoes from the Samba range, designed for comfort and style, should not be overlooked. With their understated clean lines, designed in the style of  footballers of generations past, these iconic shoes will finish off your casual outfit and provide comfort at the same time. The soles are cushioned and the rubber outsole protects your feet. Classic contrasting colours give the blue Samba shoes a timeless charm that only highlights your loyalty to the brand.

It's the weekend - bring out the blue Sambas 

Make a statement in your casual wardrobe at the same time as promoting your loyalty to adidas and ensuring that your feet remain protected when you are out and about and pick up a pair of trainers from the range of blue Samba shoes. Put them together with your favourite jeans or throw them on to round off the perfect skirt and trainers look. Wear them while doing the supermarket run or while indulging in a shopping spree with friends. No matter the occasion, these comfortable, stylish blue Sambas are an all-round classic.