Black Waist Bags

Black fanny packs or waist bags – whatever you call them, his handy little bag is without a doubt one of the greatest inventions from the 80s that never lost its purpose in the fashion and sport world. The perfect hands-free bag solution, from sporting activities to festival-going and beyond, black fanny packs let you live at the moment with your personal belongings safely tucked away. Available in leather, vinyl and other fabrics, look for waterproof black fanny packs for hikes and trail runs, sweat-wicking options for mountain climbing or cycling and even slick, high-fashion leather options for nights out. Always functional, fashionable and fun to wear, a black fanny pack is the perfect way to let go, free up your body and give your day your best.

Black bum bag: the ultimate little black bag

Sleek and comfortable to carry, adidas black bum bags are an essential sports and streetwear accessory taking inspiration from the 90s. Whether you want to carry small valuables to the gym or are heading out to a music festival, our black bum bags are durable and secure, with an adjustable waist strap that ensures comfort while you wear them. Sleek as the colour black, adidas bum bags are designed with street attitude in mind.

Waist bags to rave about

Chucked on over the shoulder or secured around your waist, these black bum bags are versatile and sturdy. Some waist bags feature a clash of materials, like smooth and grainy imitation leather mixed with a raised adidas Originals logo on the front. Others feature scattered logos across the front or camouflage prints that showcase a strong, urban look. Choose from small styles or large waist bags depending on your needs. The adjustable waist strap provides you with a customised fit, while the zip closures are secure and good for storage. Some bum bags also offer padded waist straps with a buckle closure for added comfort.

More 90s vibes

adidas black bum bags are chic and stylish, a retro-lover's ideal waist bag. Convenient, easy to use and lightweight, our bum bags are as good as they look. Take to the gym kitted out in our workout gear, or hit the streets in jeans and a hoodie, complete with your black bum bag. For more retro-inspired gear, explore our range of adidas bomber jackets - a nod to punk culture - or go for a pair of comfort slides, a reinvention of poolside gear. Combining our sportswear heritage with modern technologies, adidas bum bags and our other ranges of clothing, shoes and accessories offer a timeless and edgy way to wear sportswear.