How to Clean Your adidas Running Shoes

An Easy to Follow Guide for Washing Running Shoes

Even the best running shoes, still get a little dirty. If you run through parks, on roads or along the beach, there are a lot of environmental factors that can change the look of your shoes. Running outside can really impact the cleanliness of your shoes.

Read our tips below about how to keep your running shoes clean no matter if you get caught in the rain, run through dirt or on grass.

Step-by-Step Cleaning Instructions

Follow our step-by-step cleaning guide to get the best results for your shoes.

  1. Remove excess dirt: While being careful not to scuff the material, use a soft brush (perhaps an old toothbrush) to wipe away surface dirt on the shoe. Brush the sole to remove additional dirt.
  2. Gently wash stains: Mix a bit of eco-friendly laundry detergent with a little warm water, then dip a soft washing cloth in the mixture and gently wipe any noticeable stains on the fabric.
  3. Gently wash off: If you leave detergent on your running shoes, it can change the appearance of the fabric. Thoroughly rinse the washing cloth in warm water and gently go over the stained areas again to remove any excess.
  4. Dry shoes: Allow your shoes to dry at room temperature. Don’t use a dryer or a heater. If the inside of your running shoes gets wet, put newspaper inside the shoes to soak up excess water.
  5. Refresh laces: If your laces need washing, either gently wash and rinse by hand or put in the washing machine inside a delicate bag for a gentle wash. Or you can replace your laces with new ones.
  6. Air out the insoles: If you can, remove the insole of your running shoes to air out while you wash the rest of the shoes. If the insoles really smell, when they’re dry sprinkle a little baking soda over the insoles to absorb the odour. Shake out the insoles the next day to remove excess powder.

Tips of What Not To Do When Cleaning Your Shoes

  • Don’t use the washing machine: Washing machines are made to wash clothes and running shoe fabric can be damaged or discoloured in a washing machine. Take the little extra time and wash your shoes by hand.
  • Don’t put your shoes by heaters: Shoes can change shape with heat so always dry them at room temperature.
  • Don’t use chemicals: Chemicals and bleach can damage delicate shoe fabric. Always use eco-friendly laundry detergent.
  • Don’t scrub hard: Running shoe materials are often woven or mesh for easy flexibility when you’re running. The Pure Boost and Ultra Boost use these delicate materials. To ensure you don’t damage your shoes, use a soft brush and take it easy on any stains.

More Shoe Cleaning Tips

Here are a few more tips to keep your running shoes clean.

  • Safe storage: If you leave your running shoes outside, the sun can wear out the upper materials or make white soles turn yellow.
  • Maintain the cleanliness: Spot clean any stains you come across by following our step-by-step guide above. The longer stains are left untreated, the longer they can stain the shoes.

After you’ve washed and dried your shoes, reward them with a run. If you feel like trying something new, find yourself a fresh pair of trainers and Shop for Running Shoes.

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